"Susan writes from the depths of her soul with integrity and honesty. She views the world through the eyes of an artist and has a unique way of not only understanding the country and culture she is living in, but presenting it in a way that allows her readers to experience it with all the senses. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing her work published."

Anne Miller - Brazil
Writer and Graphic Artist

"Captivatingly honest, Susan writes with such deep conviction and stunning candor that her words prove absorbing and compelling from start to finish…reading her works is like taking  a fascinating journey right into her heart! "

Michael Skinner - Muskegon, Michigan
Retired Journalist, Author and Global Photographer

"Seldom can any writer truthfully be called fresh and and exciting. Susan can because she is. She has a candor which is refreshing and a viewpoint which is both original and thoughtful. Reading what Susan writes is never a chore, it is always an adventure in hope and humanity. She paints reality with colorful phrases while sharing her usually cheerful stories in an easy to read manner. I'd love to travel around this world with her as my guide and host."

Richard L. Marchal - Marion, Illinois
Automation Consultant

"I am and artist and also a fellow expatriate who has travelled the world together with my husband and children leading the life of a nomad. It is an unusual lifestyle to choose and it is a special breed of person who survives it let alone enjoys it. Cultures and experiences are always vastly different from the culture and environment one has grown up in. It is always a challenge to ones comfort zones but forces you to look at life in a way few are given the chance to. Susan is one of those few who not only relish the challenges of this lifestyle but she embraces it through living and experiencing her host country and immersing herself in its foods and language and all the delicacies it has to offer. This is so evident in her writing - it has a depth and intensity that is tangible and it makes you want to feel and taste what she is. I have loved reading about her journey and her experiences. It allowed me to visit the places she loves and hold dear and experience it through her eyes. Thank you Susan for sharing your experience with me, I am richer for it."

Eileen van der Meer - Dubai

"Susan is a writer that sees with her eyes, feels with her heart, combines her experiences with her spirit, adds strength for others and always instills hope in her readers."

Mitchal Vaughn, CAC
Interventionist - Motivational Speaker

"An intelligent, sensitive, insightful, and fascinating writer, presenting beautiful word pictures of scenes with such a sense of immediacy that you feel as if you are right there seeing those sights and experiencing those events along with her.

Whether writing about her time in China or her own spiritual journey, she captures your attention at once. I have learned so much from her and been helped on my own journey by her insights and the example of her strong unwavering faith. She is a rare breath of fresh air flowing through your heart, lifting your spirits and making you feel cherished!"

Judy Neary - San Pedro, California
Medical Transcriptionist/Medical Editor

"Susan's words convey an uncommon glimpse into the depths of the writer's soul. They are written in simple honesty and the  effect they have on the reader is profound. One is gently tapped on the door of their very heart. Her journey through life in China not only depicts the different culture one would expect, but also the similarities shared by humanity. The journey of healing is sometimes painful to read, but has  a prevailing sweetness and calm that tempers the misery.

In short, her words convey the promises of God to hold and protect His children, wherever their journey takes them. She experiences family travails and situations that are almost unfathomable, yet with the strength of God, she endures and conquers unimaginably and beautifully."

Debbie Self - Palm Springs, California
Wife, Mother, World Traveler


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